Doing Business with S-Works

At S-Works Construction, we are always pleased to welcome new contractors and partners to our project teams. Please refer to the information below for details about how to work with S-Works Construction.

We will need the following information from potential business partners such as subcontractors, vendors and suppliers:

  1. An up-to-date W-9 form.
  2. A Certificate of insurance (COI) naming S-Works Construction Corporation as additionally insured. S-Works Construction cannot permit any company to actively work on our projects without insurance in place.
  3. Sign off on the S-Works Construction Standard Form of Sub-Contract in a timely manner.

Our Philosophy on Partnerships:

  1. You are part of our team. We’re working on this project together so that we can be successful together.
  2. Everyone is expected to treat ALL other team members with the highest respect, including but not limited to other project partners, S-Works Construction employees, code enforcement officials, owner representatives and suppliers.
  3. Safety and security are our highest priorities. We will not tolerate any disregard for OSHA, safety or security measures.

Please see the attached form for sample insurance requirements.