Our Services

Building the Future

As a full service General Contractor, S-Works Construction has decades of experience in constructing new buildings from start to finish, ranging in size from 1,000 to 250,000 square feet throughout Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. For an overview of sample projects, see our Portfolio.

Our Core Services

S-Works Construction’s reputation is built on honesty, integrity and a commitment to providing high quality services at a reasonable cost to our clients, all while ensuring on-time delivery.

Project Management

Our management style is to listen to our client’s needs so that every detail is addressed and to help prevent small issues from becoming major challenges. Each project team is comprised of construction and technical experts who constantly monitor progress and can quickly address any cost or technical impacts.

The same S-Works Construction team follows a project from inception to completion to meet and exceed our continuity of service and accountability standards.

Preliminary Budgeting

S-Works Construction meets with the owners, architects, and engineers to develop and present budget and project schedule scenarios. We also employ unit pricing to achieve accurate preliminary budgeting.

Unit prices are the combination of current market conditions and anticipated cost changes from vendors and suppliers. Our extensive pricing experience reduces the risk of last minute cost differentials.

Value Engineering

We combine state-of-the-art techniques with highly qualified architects to create cost effective and efficient work plans.


We take the time to prepare for on-time project delivery and plan for the necessary lead time involved in highly technical, intricate tenant improvements. We then develop a strict time schedule of key tasks and maintain proper management of that schedule.

Competitive Bidding

We conduct a cost-benefit analysis and compare all project variables to maximize the client’s return on their investment. In addition, we employ subcontractors who have demonstrated their expertise and who are noted for their quality workmanship and competitive bidding practices.

Our Warranty

All projects completed by S-Works Construction receive a standard one-year warranty issued at the project closing date.